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Please note: Dancing at home is at your own risk, it is important to make note of the following safety guidelines here

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Pleae note dancing at home is done at your own risk, it is important to make note of the following saftey guidelines here

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Quick Guide

Click play on the live player to view the broadcast. If you receive the message 'Stream not currently live!', then wait a moment, refresh the page and try again after a short while. It simply means the instructor is not yet streaming.

You can pause the stream at any time. To make a full screen click the square TV icon in the bottom right corner of the player. If you have no sound, check the volume control slider on the player and your device volume control.

The recordings player works much the same as the live stream player however you can use the bar at the bottom of the player to scroll forward and backwards.

To access the playlist click on the playlist icon 3rd from the bottom right of the player (square shape with horizontal lines), on some players this may be on the middle left. Clicking the playlist icon with list availalble recordings for playback.

Video filenames are named with the recording date format at the end. i.e. xxx_12072020.mp4 is 12th July 2020.

To use the chat feature, first click in the NAME box that says 'Anonymous', delete this and type in your name. Then click in the wider box above your name and type your message. When ready click SEND. Use the scroll bar to look back through the previous 30 messages.